◊Writing, editing, translation in French or English
◊Experience in a clinical research setting, contributing to research documentation
◊Experience in medical publications and grant applications
◊Experience in a lab environment
◊Experience working with industry guidelines (Health Canada, FDA, ICH, WHO, PAAB code, AMA style)
◊Experience in the development and writing of pharmaceutical e-learning material
◊Experience in marketing, management, sales, teaching
◊Specialized degree in biology (over 85 science credits, including graduate-level courses)
◊Studying for Clinical Research Associate designation
◊Advanced computer skills: Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Blog creations, Social Networking
◊Known for ability to work under pressure and high level of adaptability to challenging situations
◊Very strong decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking skills
◊Fluently bilingual, English and French

Areas of expertise
◊Continuing medical education material
◊Pharmaceutical training material
◊Scientific publications
◊Grant proposals
◊Medical journalism
◊Corporate web sites, legal documents, and marketing material
◊Translation from English to French
◊Interpretation of patient files and laboratory testing
◊Letter of replies to medical boards regarding patient complaints

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